About me


What is that?

Today I'd translate it that way: To consciously experience one's own life upright on earth. Every day a little bit more.
Together with others.
Today Walk4Gaya is a loose group of people who have dedicated themselves exactly to this approach. Together and each for himself.

The story

The Vision Walk4Gaya was born on an Indian summer camp when we were confronted with our own visions.
We quickly understood (there were three of us) that we should walk around the world on foot.
Soon we sat at the big table with a huge world map and planned the route.
And then we got the news that someone had already walked around the earth. He had just arrived back.
So it wasn't about that.

Walk4Gaya has always led me to two insights:

No more hiding
Be authentic
Be yourself.

Well, there were three of them.

How Walk4Gaya has developed over the years would not have been imaginable for me at that time.