About me


Who am I?

I've never seriously asked that question before. I always knew: I am. But in the course of the years other questions joined my life.

My story

In the summer of 1962 I was brought to light in the parish of Grebenroth in Lower Taunus. Stories entwine around the exact time of day. It was in any case the fourth of August. I grew up in Budenheim and graduated from high school in Mainz. For four years I served as a military policeman in Mainz. Since 1984 I am married with my wife Ulrike. Our lives were strongly enriched and lastingly influenced by our sons Adrian and Leopold. At some point our dog Skalli appeared and demanded his place in the family.

Why Informatics

Logic has always been my big hobbyhorse. Mathematics and science have always interested me very much. When I moved to Seattle for a year in 1977, my interest in programming was awakened. I was sitting with friends and one of them had a programmable HP calculator with a memory card. I can't remember what game we played with it. But we played! And the friend showed us how to enter a few lines of code and what the device made of it.

Why Shamanism?

At some point the point came where I realized that what I thought, how life works, didn't fit logically with what happened in life.
My collection of programs "how life works" was taken to absurdity.

So I decided to re-study life from scratch.

Es stellten sich Menschen in meinem Leben ein, Menschen aus allen möglichen Kulturen rund um den Globus, und zeigten mir Stück für Stück ein bißchen mehr, was Leben ausmacht und wie man sich selbst und die Natur studiert. Manche davon wurden Schamane genannt, manche hatten andere Bezeichnungen. Und manche gar keine.
Irgendwann konnte ich damit leben, dass Menschen, denen ich weiter helfen konnte, mich anfingen Schamane zu nennen.

"To see in the dark" is the literal translation, "to look behind the scenes" is the meaning.