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No, I hadn't taken any drugs. I was just completely flat. We had go-Live - phase in the companyI was working for at that time. I came home in the evening and just wanted to switch off. With a coffee I went into my meditation room to the computer and wanted to play solitaire...
Simply no longer have to think....
And then everything came so completely unexpected.

What happened?

On 4 evenings in a row always the same game... (see above).
On 4 evenings in a row came symbols, sounds, colors... crystal clear and impressive.

Then for 8 weeks every night crystal clear dreams in which the use of the symbols were central.

And the invitation to invite people to 3 seminar weekends.

Where are we going?

The sound runes helped me to understand life playfully and to get into my own game of life.
A few years have passed since then. Seminars and 9-day intensive seminars take place. The first people have completed their training.
experience was added.
experience above all else:
knowing something about can be helpful to deal with something new.
doing it alone, letting it in, playing with it leads to a real deep understanding.
experience ... sense ... learn