About me



Kamputer was a play on words from our family name and the personal computers that were emerging at the time when I first started my own business.

That was also the name of my company at the time. A Shareware Distribution in the Gaustraße in Mainz. Soon the business field changed more and more towards network operation and software development. When the CD's were invented, it was time to close the shop. My main activity consisted almost exclusively of software development.

When our sons told me in 2018 that they wanted to start a company and asked me if I didn't want to participate, we took up the "old" company name.

And now? (Where stands Kamputer)

Kamputer has been in the start-up phase since March 2019. The first products have been defined, some of them already published. The first customer projects have started. One or the other project has already been completed.

Where are we going?

That's certainly the most exciting part of it. It can best be observed on the company's website.
A family business where the signs are set the other way around. Not the Senior founded the business, but the youngsters.
In any case we all get to know each other from a complete new perspective.
On eye level from entrepreneur to entrepreneur.