About me


It's the public part of my medicine name.
I'll just leave it at that.
Translated it means Buffalo or Talking Spirit.

Why? (How did it happen)

That's a longer story, though... And yet not. In one episode of my life it is written down.
Sometimes I talk about it at my seminars, sometimes not.
Have a try.

And now? (What is it all about today)

In native worlds, and not only there, names are given when one has entered a new phase of life. One may then grow into the new name.

I, for example, was allowed to learn to appear more gently, just as the buffalo wanders through the prairie in a cradle-step. I was also allowed to learn that one can also use one's horns for self-protection.

If you translate your name once, i.e. go back to its original meaning, you can guess what you are allowed to grow into with your name.