We can represent everything in zeros and ones, as is scripted often in mathematics and computer science.

Is it really like that?!

Die Null – aus.
Die Eins – an.

Yes, if it were really that simple...

Oder ist es gar noch einfacher?

Wo in der Natur findet man so radikale Schalter: an und aus?
Zum Beispiel die Betrachtung von Sonnenauf- und -untergang zeigt die fliesenden Übergänge.

Machen nicht erst die vielen Graustufen des Lebens das bunte Bild aus.

Chance means that event and cause are in an unknown relationship. It does not mean that they have nothing to do with each other. Only that the connection is not known. From whom and from which point of view would be the next question for me.

Back to the zeros and one's.

Even when developing software, a distinction is made between

  • NULL, dem undefinierten Zustand (dem Nichts)
    und der
  • 0, the number or the state off
  • 1, the number or the state on

So obviously there is more than just the zeros and ones, more than just the two main sides of a medallion.

It is worthwhile to take a closer look at the medallion of one's own being from all sides, not just from two.