Sometimes it is considered an accident, sometimes it is a fervent wish...

And then there it is, the new / next family member.

Wonderful, how cute....

What does it mean to everyone in the family.

Two different value systems meet.
Sometimes they feel very close, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Sometimes very distant.

But if you look into the details, the actual work starts. You find the values of the "other" family also in your own. Sometimes it crosses over mirror-inverted. Only the dramas and plays that are woven around it are problematic.

Why? Is it really just habit, maybe even habit lived over generations?
Or is it rebellion? "I'll do it differently when I grow up"
Maybe even this as a habit?

Anyway, it's worth looking into the details. The detail of one's own feelings and emotions.

If father and mother become clear about how their patterns of origin work and they define together what they want to pass on, i.e. >living example! then there is hardly anything standing in the way of the child's growth.

Didn't we learn as children what our environment showed us...