Who hasn't experienced it before?

Deceived, cheated, taken by surprise.

Oh, gosh, it happened to me again!


Yeah, it happened to me, too. It was quite violent for me. I struggled, hesitated, was angry.
The other one was a projection screen for multiple ideas. Sometimes they are called swear words.

I told a friend about it. To be honest... It wasn't really a story, it was more an upsetting. The friend replied: "Hey, you can be grateful to the other for taking it upon himself to teach you such a lesson. Must have been a true friend in your last life. Someone is called an A...angel."

In fact, it was precisely this point of view that helped to process what had happened.

And even more.

When I understood that I was being used as a horse in front of someone else's carriage, I made a sustainable decision for my life.

In the course of time even gratitude came along. To be grateful, to have finally understood it.

And without my friend from the last life I might have needed a few more of these experiences.

The biggest gift for me was the possibility to thank the other person personally. From the bottom of my heart.

Unblown self-reflection is like chewing chili - it usually burns only once.