A story of the right moment

Once upon a time. That's how most fairy tales start.

A wonderful place in a forest,
it waited since time immemorial.

For what, actually?

When I walk through the Rhine floodplains early in the year,
I will begreeted by the now very popular bear's garlic.

If I go to the same place a little later, I greet the lilies of the valley.

Mixing them up during harvesting can have very uncomfortable consequences.

So is the timing that important?

In a certain phase it still stands, the faded wild garlic. And yet the lily of the valley is already there.

If the time is missed, the wild garlic has disappeared.

Also the lily of the valley is also a wonderful teacher.

Bear's garlic brings grounding, first healing food after hibernation.

Lilies of the valley cheer up and practise the wake-up call for late risers. They are simply not suitable for consumption.

So if it's important, the timing: yes and no.

Yes, if I'm looking for something to eat.
No, if I want to learn something.

Back to the place in nature.
Who's he waiting for? For me?

I can only find out if I go, dedicate myself to the place, get involved with that spot of earth.

Amazed, I realize: I was waiting for for the place.

Isn't it there all year long?!