what life has shown me


Owl wisdom

In times of strong emotional movement, no matter in which direction, it is helpful to deal with the owl. It shows us wonderful qualities.

Starting a family

Sometimes it is considered an accident, sometimes it is a fervent wish... And then it is there, the new / next family member. Wonderful, how golden.... What


We live in a time of worldwide connections. All connections are under scrutiny. Old alliances are reviewed, new ones forged. Why actually? Does not already contain the


We can represent everything in zeros and ones, as is often described in mathematics and computer science. Is that really the case? The zero


Was für ein Wort! Haben wir nicht alle gelernt, wir sollten gradlinig sein. Eine gerade Linie, also eine Gerade. linia, lat. Richtschnur. Schauen wir uns

The thinking of thoughts....

If you leave out the corners, it runs round.